Who is Carl Law?

Joshua M Carl, Esq.


Josh wasn't born in Montana but spent most of his childhood in Billings.  He went to West High School and went on to University of Montana (Go Griz!), graduating with a Political Science Degree in 2008.  He attended Law School in Akron Ohio and graduated with his Juris Doctor in 2011.  He passed the bar that same year and began practicing that fall.  He joined Saye Law in 2012 and worked for Paula Saye until September 2014 when he opened Carl Law Firm.  He owes much of what he knows about the practice of law to Paula.

Josh believes in a client oriented approach to legal practice. Since he started practicing he has met with many clients that have tremendous anxiety about the legal system.  Most people have never even been in the courthouse, let alone in a courtroom.  For that reason, one of his main goals is to educate his clients about how the system works and hopefully alleviate some of the stress that comes from dealing with the legal system. This leads to less anxious clients and a better overall experience.


He practices entirely in the area of Family Law. He has handled divorces, parenting and custody actions, guardianships, adoptions, and child support cases. He has handled all kinds of cases, from incredibly contentious custody trials to (relatively) amicable divorce cases. Each case is different and he has dealt with a lot of them.

While owning your own business doesn't provide much free time, with the small amount of spare time he does have, Josh enjoys traveling to Missoula to catch a Griz game and relive his college days or spend time with his parents who also live in Billings.

Erika Zink

Legal Assistant