Why we charge flat fees.

We understand that times are tight for many families. Most people cannot afford to waste more of their precious dollars than is necessary. Flat fees are a way for the client to know up front how much his or her case is going to cost. You can't get that when paying an hourly fee.

With a flat fee you will never receive an invoice in the mail that has a completely unexpected amount on it. You will never get nagging phone calls requesting you pay an astronomical bill immediately and in full. 

There had to be a better way and for us we believe that better way are flat fees.

Flat fees are not only great for clients, they are also great for our firm.

For Client's, you know what you will be asked to pay for our services. You will not have the uncertainty you get with an hourly billing scheme. You will never be afraid to call our office about something important because that phone call costs you $30 each time. We are allowed to communicate as much as we need to.

For our Firm, flat fees make things easier and allows us to better serve our clients.  Instead of making sure that all the time we spent on a particular case has been properly billed, we spend our time instead on activities that actually help resolve the client's legal issues. I became a lawyer to help people with their legal problems, not fill out time sheets and use complicated billing software. It has taken a huge burden off of us.

We believe that flat fees are the way most law firms will bill clients in the future and we want to be ahead of the curve.

What are flat fees?

Flat fees are as simple as they sound. You pay one single flat rate for your legal assistance. That fee will not change. It will not go up. You have no uncertainty about what you will be paying. There are no surprises. That is the point.

As the flat fee covers all legal assistance from our office and any office expenses we may have, the only other expenses you will have are outside fees and costs. Those are expenses like the filing fee with the clerk of court; the service fee when we need to pay the sheriff to deliver the paperwork to the other side; or the fee to hire a mediator if we need to to try and resolve your case. 

What Can I Expect My Flat Fee to Be?

Every case is different. Some cases involve hundreds of thousands worth of property and some are straightforward child custody cases where the parties agree (for the most part).

With this uncertainty, there is no set amount for any kind of case. What can be said is that you will know, at the very beginning, what you will be expected to pay. There will be no surprise bills or unexpected expenses. That you can count on.

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