What is a Parenting Plan?

In Montana the name for the document that establishes a custody arrangement is "parenting plan." The name was changed due to a change in the philosophy of how we treat children with separated parents. The words "custody" and "visitation" seem to signify that one parent is the "real" parent and the other simply gets to "visit" their children. That is not healthy for children and so we as a State decided to change our approach.

A Parenting Plan is a document that (if done properly) provides a complete understanding between the parents about all aspects dealing with the children. Obviously it provides a schedule for parenting time but it also provides: (1) how the parties will pay for expenses; (2) drop-off and pick-up locations; (3) who can claim the children as dependents on their taxes; as well as many other issues.  To ensure that all issues are properly addressed it is important to seek assistance from a professional that has experience with Parenting Plans and can properly assist you in filing for one.

Parenting Plans in Montana.

Parents must understand from the outset that in Montana the system wants to see and treat parents as equals.  That can't always be the case, but the archaic notion of the mother is the primary caretaker for the children and the father is the primary provider are mostly gone. Most Courts will assume that both parents can equally care for the children without evidence to the contrary.

Most Judges will tell parents during hearings or trials on custody issues that they hope that the parenting plan is unnecessary and the parties can work out issues with each other without court intervention. Parenting Plans are vitally important however for times when communication between parents breaks down. This is why is so important to have a properly drafted parenting plan.

Why Choose Carl Law?

Carl Law focuses on family law issues and therefore deals with a significant amount of parenting cases. You want a firm that has seen it all and knows what you can expect in any situation. We pride ourselves on having a firm grasp on the likely outcomes of a case and using that knowledge to best serve our clients. Your children matter a lot to you and you want that kind of personal service and understanding when going through the difficult and emotional process of establishing a parenting plan.

Our goal is to be of service to our clients. We understand the emotional difficulties that go along with filing for a parenting plan or fighting your ex over custody of your beloved child. When you have us you have one less thing to worry about and you can feel reassured that you have experienced and compassionate people behind you.

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