Carl Law is a 2 person operation that does all things family law. We handle divorce and legal separation matters, child custody and support issues, as well as guardianship and adoption matters. We handle hundreds of these cases every year. You are hiring people who have seen it all. Handling your case will not be our first go around with a case like yours.

We at Carl Law believe in a few key things which we think sets us apart. We know people are stressed when dealing with family law issues. Your getting divorced or fighting over custody of your kids. You don't need an uptight lawyer making things worse. We keep things relaxed and comfortable. Suits and ties are for court, not meeting with clients or sitting behind a computer.

Secondly, things will be explained in a way you can understand. A lot of lawyers forget that not everyone went to law school. Not everyone knows what in loco parentis or res ipsa loquitur mean. At Carl Law we always explain things in a way you can understand. It seems simple but it makes a big difference to people.

Lastly, we never blow smoke up a clients... ahem... behind.  It seems some attorneys push their clients into court when their case really has no chance. Some do it because they see an attorneys job as fighting it out in court while others seem to do it because it means more fees for them. As we charge flat fees (see below) we have no incentive to force clients into court for no reason. While many cases do need to be argued in court, we make sure we go to court in cases where our clients can be successful.